Distance Counseling

How Phone or Live Video Can Bring Me To You

distance phone counseling While I see the majority of my clients face-to-face, expanding my services remotely is something that interests me a great deal. I've found it easy to engage with clients over the phone and actually enjoy the freedom to get up and walk around my office while listening and talking. It helps me process information in a way that is different from sitting across the room from another person. I've worked with clients on three continents and in over a dozen cities and have yet to feel limited by the available technology.

How Does Distance Counseling Work?

Simple, just contact me here and we will find a day and time that works for both our schedules. Depending on your preference, we can connect over a voice phone call or video connection. It is best to ensure that you are able to be in a quiet space, free from outside interruptions or distractions. I will send an invoice for online payment prior to the appointment.

Some medical insurance policies provide reimbursement for distance counseling but it is important to verify coverage and benefits before the initial appointment. I am currently in-network with some BCBS policies and out-of-network with all others.

Is Distance Counseling Effective?

The short answer is yes. Phone counseling has been around since the 1950's when the first crisis call centers were developed. It has been studied for decades with similar demonstrated outcomes as face-to-face counseling. Many government funded agencies provide mental health services through technology as a way of keeping costs down while reaching the maximum number of people possible. If you really want to explore the question of efficacy in depth, check out this article.

What Are The Advantages Of Distance Counseling?

Accessibility: Texas is big and in 2014 the Texas Department of State Health Services designated 200 of the state's 254 counties as Mental Health Shortage Areas. There just aren't enough counselors spread throughout the state to meet the needs of residents. Distance counseling can bridge that literal gap by connecting clients with counselors through technology.

Convenience: I work with a lot of clients who are just really busy and sometimes leaving the office is hard. Phone counseling makes scheduling more manageable which can lead to more consistency and faster results.

Privacy: Small towns are great for a lot of things but sometimes talking about hard things with someone completely outside of your community can feel safer. Distance counseling offers not only confidentiality, but a level of privacy that is hard to beat.

Options: Underserved areas offer fewer choices when it comes to counselor expertise and experience. Phone counseling can help you find the best fit possible for your unique situation and need.

If you think working remotely with a counselor would work best for you, let's talk!