Issues I Can Help With

One of the things I like the best about being a counselor is the variety of people and issues that cross my path every day. It would be hard to make an exhaustive list of reasons why people seek out counseling with me in my Austin practice but easily the top three reasons would be symptoms of anxiety, symptoms of depression and stress related to relationships.

Counseling Issues I Refer To Other Clinicians

I routinely refer out clients under the age of 12, cases that primarily involve substance abuse/addiction and clients needing to process and work on complex childhood traumas. No clinician can be all things to all people and I much prefer referring out to other clinicians when I feel that they would be a better fit. There are a lot of good therapists in Austin and the surrounding area. If I don’t feel like I am a good option for what you need, I’ll help you find someone who is.

Counseling Issues I Often Help With

Anxiety Counseling in Austin

Struggling with symptoms of anxiety is one of the most common reasons people seek out counseling. The degree to which symptoms may be debilitating varies person to person but symptoms that manifest physically can be quite frightening. Read more

depression sculpture feeling depressed

Depression Counseling in Austin

Depression is one of the most common reasons people come to counseling. Depending on the severity of symptoms, depression can impact all areas of a person’s life and can become quite debilitating. Read More

codependent couple

Codependency Counseling in Austin

Caring deeply about others is a wonderful quality. Doing so to the detriment of your own wants, needs and desires is something very different. Ideally relationships are balanced towards secure attachment where both partners can assert themselves with fear of rejection or intimacy. Read More

partner avoiding attchment

Avoidant Attachment Style

Individuals who have more of an avoidant attachment style tend equate intimacy with a loss of independence and while they may appear to be strong and independent, they can actually be quite fragile with strong fears of abandonment, rejection or loss. Read More

anxious attachment style

Anxious Attachment Style

Anxiously attached partners tend to have difficulty asking for what they want from their partners. They give up important parts of themselves for the sake of maintaining the relationship at all costs but then become bitter and resentful of their partners when this happens. Read More