Who I work with

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Individual Counseling in Austin

Are you a high functioning individual considering counseling for symptoms of anxiety or depression, grief, trauma or ambivalence about a relationship? Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or discontent in the direction your life is taking? If so, we might work well together.

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Who said creatives are supposed to suffer for the sake of their craft? One of the best things about living and working in Austin is the opportunity to interact with wonderfully creative individuals. A large percentage of my practice involves working with a diverse group of clients who have devoted their lives and energies to creative works…

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Counseling for entrepreneurs can provide a place to discuss fears, stressors and uncertainties without repercussion. I’m not an investor, partner, employee or lover and chances are I’ve heard a version of whatever you have to say.

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Couples Counseling in Austin

Relationships are hard. It is easy to fall into patterns that are hard to see and even harder to avoid. Past experiences can wreak havoc on the present without you even realizing it or knowing what to do about it.

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