Counseling for Creatives in Austin

Counseling For Creatives

counseling for creativesWho said creatives are supposed to suffer for the sake of their craft? One of the best things about living and working in Austin is the opportunity to interact with wonderfully creative individuals. A large percentage of my practice involves working with a diverse group of clients who have devoted their lives and energies to creative works.

Author Stephen K. Levine, Ph.D. writes, "The task of counseling is not to eliminate suffering but to give a voice to it, to find a form in which it can be expressed. Expression is itself transformation; this is the message that art brings. The counselor then would be an artist of the soul, working with sufferers to enable them to find the proper container for their pain, the form in which it would be embodied."

I have a passion for working with creative people including entrepreneurs, writers, visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers and designers. Maintaining a life that supports and nourishes one’s creativity can be challenging in the best of times. Whether you are struggling to hold on to your creative interests amongst life's demands, uncertain how to take the next step in following your passions or interested in exploring new ways of connecting with lost parts of yourself, counseling can help.


If you are a creative, you don't have to suffer for your craft - let's talk!