Individual Counseling in Austin

counseling client looking in mirrorAre you a high functioning individual considering counseling for symptoms of anxiety or depression, grief, trauma or ambivalence about a relationship? Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed or discontent in the direction your life is taking? If so, we might work well together.

How Do I Know If I Need Individual Counseling?

You might benefit from psychotherapy if:

  • You have concerns about recurring thoughts, feelings or behaviors
  • Trusted friends or family have expressed concerns about some aspect of your life
  • You have experienced trauma
  • You have ambivalence about a relationship
  • You find yourself disengaged from others or activities you used to find joy in
  • You have difficulty regulating your emotions

Individual counseling is a great tool for learning more about yourself and the way you respond to different people and situations. Therapy can help you formulate a plan for getting unstuck or it can simply be a time for you to have a voice and be heard.

How Do I Pick A Counselor?

  • Trust your instincts. Working with a counselor who is a good fit is one of the most significant predictors of successful treatment outcome. Keep in mind that counseling doesn't always feel good.
  • Consider convenience. People tend not to stick with things that are logistically difficult. Don't set up a scenario where you have to spend 45 minutes getting stressed out in traffic to make your appointment.
  • Research. Most counselors have some type of professional online presence. Read through profiles, websites and blogs and pay attention to what resonates with you.
  • Ask questions. Make a list of question before you call or email for the first time. Consider what you are hoping to accomplish in therapy and ask questions related to that goal.

Because the counselor/client relationship is one of the most important aspects of counseling, I maintain an active referral list of other clinicians in the area in the event that we are not the right match. Above all, it is my goal that you receive the help you need even if it is with someone else.

Interested in individual counseling? Let's talk!