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What To Do About The Sunday Blues

If you struggle with feeling down or anxious the closer you get to Monday, you’re not alone.
In 2015, a global survey by revealed that over 75% of respondents in the U.S. reported having “really bad” Sunday night blues.

Get your act together at the end of the week. Take some time each Friday to prepare for the week ahead - tidy up your work area; review your calendar; update your to-do list; and clean up your in-box. Being able to anticipate starting fresh and organized on Monday will help make your Sunday more care free.

Plan for active rather than passive leisure on Sunday evenings. DVR Walking Dead or Game of Thrones and do something active instead – cook a new recipe for dinner with friends or family; go for a walk; read a favorite book; or play a game with someone.

Don’t overdo it on Saturday night. If Sundays are already tough on their own why add on recovering from the night before. Reserve cutting loose with alcohol for Friday nights and go a little easier on Saturdays.

Make Saturday your Sunday. Most of us schedule fun stuff for Saturdays and reserve Sundays for chores and errands. Switching that around can free you up to truly enjoy Sunday rather than dreading going to the grocery store along with everyone else.

Schedule something mid-week to look forward to. Whether it’s a date night, an art class, a sporting event or meeting up with friends, planning something to look forward to that helps break the week up can keep you in a more positive place.

Don’t schedule Monday meetings. Do schedule work tasks that you actually enjoy for Mondays.

Practice saying no to keep your weekend commitments manageable.

Unplug as much as possible on the weekends. Leave your phone at home or in the car when possible.

Go outside.

Sundays can be rough. The transition from relaxed weekend mode to uptight-ready-to-tackle-the-work-week mode can exacerbate anxious feelings and in extreme cases can result in feelings of hopelessness and despair. It may be less about changing jobs and more about changing the way you do your weekend.

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